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Endodontic treatment of teeth or extraction of a nerve from a tooth - Stomatološka ordinacija Balenović

Endodontic treatment of teeth

Extraction of the nerve from the tooth

Restoring a natural and attractive smile

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Consultations, examination, cleaning and whitening of teeth.

When we talk about extracting a nerve from a tooth, most patients feel distinct fear and discomfort. Extraction of the nerve is a procedure by which the nerve is removed from the root of the tooth, in this way the tooth loses its sensory function and we no longer feel cold, warm or sweet pain.

When is it necessary to remove the nerve from the tooth?

Endodontic treatment of teeth usually occurs as a result of advanced caries, and patients come with symptoms of cold and hot pain. Sometimes patients do not have any symptoms, but during a regular examination we notice caries that are extremely advanced, and by cleaning the caries we cannot avoid entering the space of the nerve and in this way we enter the process of dental treatment.

There are also possibilities where, due to trauma, the nerve dies on its own, and it is necessary to carry out adequate treatment of the tooth in order to keep it in the mouth.

What are the symptoms that point to inflammation of the nerve and the need for treatment of your teeth?

The most common symptoms that patients present with are throbbing pain that intensifies with hot and cold stimuli and when lying down.

What if a purulent pimple (fistula) appeared above the tooth?

The appearance of a fistula indicates a process around the root of the tooth, with a clinical examination and X-ray it is necessary to determine what it is about. There are several possibilities, the tooth was previously inadequately treated, the caries progressed so much that the nerve disintegrated as a result of the caries and changes occurred around the root of the tooth. Also, the appearance of a fistula can be related to a periodontal pocket, in which case it is usually not necessary to treat the teeth, but a thorough treatment of calculus cleaning and root scraping and polishing.

Is the nerve still extracted with “needles”?

Unfortunately, yes, but the procedure is much faster with the use of so-called machine endodontics. The treatment time has been shortened, almost everything can be done within one visit and what is most important for patients, the procedure takes place in the presence of anesthesia.

How can I prevent my teeth from reaching the dental treatment stage?

Adequate oral hygiene and regular check-ups at the dentist. There is no magic wand, but with regular check-ups we can spot many things in time and prevent the further progression of caries.

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The Balenović practice is made up of a team of experts who specialize in all dental services and have a professional and individual approach to each patient. The focus of the activity is the satisfaction of patients and the creation of beautiful and healthy smiles using the latest technologies and approaches to the treatment of dental diseases, using the best materials and techniques to solve tooth defects in a pleasant atmosphere with professional support during each step of therapy.


Why choose the Balenović Ordinance team?

The reason to choose the team of Ordinacija Balenović is the promise they offer to patients, which is satisfaction with the service. Thanks to the guarantee of quality, the durability of the solution to every dental problem, the individual approach and the painlessness of the procedure itself, patients entrust themselves to the office’s team with confidence.

The Balenović practice opened its doors to patients in 1969. year and since 2014. every year, the declared doctor from the practice receives the title of Doctor of the Year as chosen by the patients.


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