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Fixed braces - Stomatološka ordinacija Balenović

Fixed braces

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Modern dentistry has made it possible to correct any lack of teeth and problems with oral health. Correct teeth are important not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for functional reasons. The position of the teeth and jaw affects the functionality of the entire chewing system, the jaw joint and muscles, and the surrounding dental tissue. Fixed braces are still a very popular orthodontic therapy that successfully corrects the position of the teeth and the bite.


Are you a candidate for fixed braces?

Candidates for fixed braces are all adult patients who have completed the process of growth and development and have all permanent teeth. Fixed braces are recommended for patients who have crooked teeth, too little space for tooth development and a bad bite that causes problems with chewing and oral health in general.

There is no age limit for orthodontic therapy. For this reason, it is very popular among all age groups, and many later decide on fixed braces, which give excellent results in all patients.

How to prepare for orthodontic therapy with fixed braces?

Before orthodontic therapy with fixed braces, it is important that all teeth are healthy, any dental problems are recommended to be remedied before the therapy begins. After the first examination and imaging of the teeth, the dentist prepares an orthodontic therapy plan.

What does orthodontic therapy with fixed braces look like?

The Jelić office is the first orthodontic office in Croatia that has a certificate for Orthocaps – The twinaligner system , and they are specially trained in the USA to work with the Damon bracket system. The Jelić practice also offers patients other fixed orthodontic techniques.

Straightening teeth with fixed braces is done by placing brackets on each tooth and a wire connecting them. The wire is tensioned so that its force brings the teeth into the correct position. The wire is tightened during each control, and is only changed if it breaks, which is rare. Patients come for regular check-ups on average every 5 weeks, as recommended by the dentist, and depending on the case, it can be more or less frequent.

There are several types of brackets, classic metal, ceramic, sapphire and white composite, so patients can choose according to their wishes. The operation of all types of locks is the same, and the only difference is in the appearance of the locks.

Placing fixed braces does not hurt, but it takes a few days for the patient to adjust.

What happens after finishing orthodontic therapy?

After the end of the orthodontic therapy, when the teeth are in the ideal position, the fixed braces are removed and the retainer is worn at night as recommended by the dentist. This will ensure that the teeth are kept in the correct, desired position.

Proper and regular dental hygiene is especially important when wearing fixed braces, and each patient receives detailed instructions from the dentist on how to take care of the health of the teeth and the braces during therapy.

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The Balenović & Jelić office is made up of a team of experts who specialize in all dental services and have a professional and individual approach to each patient. The focus of the activity is the satisfaction of patients and the creation of beautiful and healthy smiles using the latest technologies and approaches to the treatment of dental diseases, using the best materials and techniques to solve tooth defects in a pleasant atmosphere with professional support during each step of therapy.

Mr. sc. Mateja Jelić

Graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Zagreb in 1997. year, and in 2002 in 2005, he became a master of biomedical science. takes a specialist exam in orthodontics. She completed many international orthodontic courses in recognized orthodontic institutions in the USA and Europe. He is a certified orthodontist for Invisalign, Orthocaps and the Damon system. He solves every problem with irregular teeth and bite for his patients.

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Why choose the Balenović & Jelić Ordinance team?

The reason to choose the team of Ordinacija Balenović & Jelić is the promise they offer to patients, which is satisfaction with the service. Thanks to the guarantee of quality, the durability of the solution to every dental problem, the individual approach and the painlessness of the procedure itself, patients entrust themselves to the office’s team with confidence.

The Balenović practice opened its doors to patients in 1969. year and since 2014. every year, the declared doctor from the practice receives the title of Doctor of the Year as chosen by the patients.


Frequently asked questions

Modern dentistry has made it possible to correct any lack of teeth and problems with oral health.

How long does orthodontic therapy with fixed braces last?

The duration of orthodontic therapy is individual because it depends on the initial condition of each patient’s teeth and the goal to be achieved. The average duration of therapy is one and a half to two years, depending on the specificity of each case and the severity of the anomaly. In the case of minor anomalies, a few months are enough to see a significant difference, but this does not mean that it is time to end the therapy. The teeth must be kept in that position over time, and that is why the therapy continues even after the teeth have apparently straightened, because it is important to fix the bite and ensure that the teeth are kept in the new, straightened position as stable as possible.

How to get used to fixed braces?

Most patients get used to it very quickly, and in case of discomfort, recommendations and advice are given so that patients can ease their discomfort. All this passes relatively quickly, especially when you see the results of the therapy, which motivates the patients.

Do the teeth remain in the correct position after the end of the therapy?

At the end of orthodontic therapy with fixed braces, the teeth remain in the correct position, as well as the bite, with proper follow-up of all the doctor’s recommendations for wearing retainers. Wearing retainers is a standard practice that will ensure that the teeth remain in the ideal position.

What are the special precautions when wearing fixed braces?

Wearing fixed braces does not require too much care and a change in habits. It would be ideal to brush the teeth after every meal, and each patient receives detailed instructions for taking care of the braces and oral hygiene during orthodontic therapy.

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Each person's dental problems are different and require special care. To achieve a beautiful smile, it is necessary to find the problem you have in order to solve it with the right methods.

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