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Teeth whitening - Stomatološka ordinacija Balenović

Laser teeth whitening

Restoring a natural and attractive smile

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Consultations, examination, cleaning and whitening of teeth.

Naturally white teeth and a bright smile are the ideal of every person. A beautiful smile has a positive effect on our self-confidence and makes us happier. Modern aesthetic dentistry provides patients with pearly white teeth and a bright smile quickly, easily and successfully by laser teeth whitening.

Teeth whitening is a painless procedure that can lighten teeth by several shades in a very short time.

During whitening, active oxygen penetrates the enamel, and is decomposed by oxidation, causing a change in the color of the teeth. Bleaching agents, in addition to hydrogen peroxide and sodium perborate, also contain a high concentration of fluoride, which leads to accelerated remineralization and has a caries-protective effect.

The whitening procedure is completely safe, painless and takes place under the control of trained dentists.

Are you a candidate for laser teeth whitening?

Candidates for laser teeth whitening are patients who have discoloration due to various reasons and those who are simply dissatisfied with the natural color of their teeth. Discoloration can be caused by external and internal factors, poor hygiene, bleeding gums, smoking, consumption of food and drinks that cause surface discoloration of the teeth. Sometimes the color of the teeth changes due to the use of drugs, diseases, genetic disorders or higher amounts of fluoride.

teeth whitening

How to prepare?

Laser teeth whitening treatment is non-invasive and does not require special preparation. Before the treatment, the teeth are photographed and a shade is determined that would be in accordance with the wishes and expectations of the patient, as well as the dentist's recommendations, in order to ensure the naturally white appearance of the teeth. Before starting the treatment, it is important that the teeth are healthy, free of caries and tartar. Every dentist is obliged to note that teeth that have fillings cannot be whitened and after whitening, they must be replaced with fillings according to the new color of the teeth.

What does laser teeth whitening look like?

The laser teeth whitening procedure is the most effective treatment that significantly changes the color of the teeth and ensures a naturally bright smile. The duration of the procedure is short and in only about 20 minutes, patients get maximum results. Laser teeth whitening treatment is painless, minor discomfort is possible and patients receive a minimal dose of anesthetic before the treatment.

Teeth whitening treatment at the Balenović Dental Clinic is carried out with the most modern diode dental laser, which is widely used.

The laser of the latest generation enables professional, fast and painless teeth whitening, as well as gum correction. Lasers can also be used for other purposes, for many surgical procedures, and thanks to this there is no bleeding, wounds heal faster and there is a minimal possibility of wound infection.

The great advantage of laser teeth whitening is that the color of the teeth remains for several years and then gradually disappears.

laser teeth whitening

What after whitening?

After the laser teeth whitening treatment, patients immediately return to their regular duties and habits because there is no hypersensitivity and discomfort after the procedure in most people. Some people may experience tooth sensitivity 12 to 24 hours after whitening, and this is mostly the case with teeth that have previously damaged enamel or fillings that are loosening.

It is recommended to avoid or reduce smoking, coffee, tea and red wine for the first two weeks. Color durability is individual and depends on habits. It is possible to keep the whiteness of the teeth for a very long time with proper care for oral hygiene, regular cleaning of tartar and sandblasting, and changing lifestyle habits.

teeth whitening

the results

The Balenović office is made up of a team of experts who specialize in all dental services and have a professional and individual approach to each patient. The focus of the activity is the satisfaction of patients and the creation of beautiful and healthy smiles using the latest technologies and approaches to the treatment of dental diseases, using the best materials and techniques to solve tooth defects in a pleasant atmosphere with professional support during each step of therapy.


Why choose the Balenović Ordinance team?

The reason to choose the team of Ordinacija Balenović is the promise they offer to patients, which is satisfaction with the service. Thanks to the guarantee of quality, the durability of the solution to every dental problem, the individual approach and the painlessness of the procedure itself, patients entrust themselves to the office’s team with confidence.

The Balenović clinic opened its doors to patients in 1969. year and since 2014. every year, the declared doctor from the practice receives the title of Doctor of the Year as chosen by the patients.


Frequently asked questions

The laser provides us with numerous therapeutic possibilities in improving and maintaining the oral health of patients, and with the help of the laser we can respond to the high aesthetic demands that our patients and modern dentistry place before us.

Does whitening damage teeth?

The methods used for laser teeth whitening at the Balenović Dental Clinic are fully tested and safe for dental health and do not damage the enamel.

What are the indications for the use of lasers in dentistry?

Laser teeth whitening is very simple and effective. Patients get beautiful and white teeth in just 20 minutes. The procedure does not hurt and is very pleasant for the patient. There is no hypersensitivity and discomfort after the procedure. Laser is considered to be the most effective teeth whitening treatment. The treatment is the shortest, and the results are maximum.

The correction of the “gummy smile” is very effectively solved by the laser procedure. Teeth are lengthened by more than 3 mm without pain and without bleeding, only under local anesthesia.

We use the laser in the therapy of aphthae and herpes . Canker sores and mouth sores can be reduced with a laser in just a few seconds and speed up their healing process. Herpes on the mouth is a very common viral infection that accompanies certain conditions of the body, and the symptoms can be alleviated very easily with a laser.

Temporomandibular joint pain can be reduced with laser therapy.

Gingivitis and the treatment of periodontal pockets can be treated with laser just as effectively. The laser is extremely successful in removing inflamed tissue, as well as bacteria that cause periodontal diseases.

In implantology , during two-phase implantological treatment, for the preparation of implants for prosthetic treatment. In case of peri-implantitis, in order to reduce bacteria in the area of the implant neck.

In endodontics , in the treatment of infected root canals.

How long does laser teeth whitening last?

The results of laser teeth whitening last for several years, and with proper care for hygiene and changing lifestyle habits, the effect of the procedure can be prolonged.

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How to get a perfect smile?

Each person's dental problems are different and require special care. To achieve a beautiful smile, it is necessary to find the problem you have in order to solve it with the right methods.

Fill out our short questionnaire and tell our experts what problems you have, and we will send you a proposal that can solve them.