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Dental implants - Stomatološka ordinacija Balenović

Dental implants

Restoring a natural and attractive smile

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Consultations, examination, cleaning and whitening of teeth.

Dental implants are a permanent and fixed solution for the lack of one or more teeth, and they can completely replace the lack of all teeth.

Dental implants are not mobile or replaceable like mobile dental prostheses and their durability is an advantage that makes them chosen by patients.

The lack of one or several teeth can affect self-confidence, but also the functionality of the jaw itself and health.

Loss of teeth for various reasons affects dissatisfaction with appearance, and at the same time creates difficulties when chewing food or even talking. Dental implants effectively and safely solve both the aesthetic and functional problems of missing teeth.

city of dental implant

A permanent and fixed solution

Dental implants are a permanent and fixed solution for the lack of one or more teeth, and they can completely replace the lack of all teeth. Each tooth consists of two parts, one part is visible and is called the crown, and the other part located in the right is the root. Dental implants made of titanium in the form of a screw are used for tooth replacement, which serve as a replacement tooth root, i.e. the support on which the prosthetic work goes, i.e. the dental crown.

Dental implants are not mobile or replaceable like mobile dental prostheses and their durability is an advantage that makes them chosen by patients.

dental implants

What types of dental implants do we use?

With dental implants, the quality of the material is key, as is the knowledge and experience of the doctor. The metal titanium is used for implants, which is extremely strong, durable and has proven to be the best in the healing process. In the Balenović Clinic, top quality Nobel Biocare and MIS Implants implants are used. The quality of the implant also dictates the effectiveness of the final result, which is why the emphasis is always on the best materials and procedure technique.

Nobel biocare dental implants
mis dental implants

Advantages of dental implants


Dental implants are the permanent and best solution for the loss of one, more or all teeth. Their durability is the main advantage for which patients choose this procedure. With regular and high-quality care, they last a lifetime.


Dental implants are a modern solution for missing teeth, and the procedure for installing dental implants is completely safe.

Risks in dental implant surgery

There are risks in every procedure, including implant placement. There is a possibility of rejecting the implants that occur in rare cases. When rejection occurs, the reasons may be the use of materials that are not of adequate quality, in the case of some diseases such as osteoporosis, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, periodontitis, but also in the treatment of cancer patients, smokers and the like.

It is important to inform patients during the first examination and appointment for dental implant surgery so that they are aware of all possible, albeit rare, risks.

Sometimes there may be swelling and bleeding, but this is completely normal and passes within 48 hours at most.

Candidates for dental implants

Candidates for dental implants are patients older than 18 years who are missing one or more teeth, but also patients who are missing all teeth. Candidates are also patients who are not satisfied with mobile dentures and want a completely fixed solution.

In the event that patients do not have enough bone for implantation, the Balenović Practice also performs bone augmentation in order to have enough bone volume for the installation of dental implants.

For patients who do not have their teeth at all, the ALL-ON-4 and ALL-ON-6 methods are used, where a bridge with dental crowns is placed on 4 or 6 dental implants.

Preparation for the installation of dental implants

An oral surgeon is a person who is dedicated to each patient individually at the Balenović Practice. The patient is involved in every step and receives all the information about every step of the preparation, installation itself and recovery. During the preparatory phase, it is important to check the patient's health condition, disease history, and obtain information about possible allergies and medications the patient is taking.

A 3D scan of all teeth and jaws is taken for the patient, which provides an overview of the current state, and this image is the basis for planning the process of installing dental implants.

Dental scanning is done at the Balenović Clinic with the most modern intraoral scanner. Modern digital dentistry speeds up and facilitates every prosthetic procedure. The patient can monitor the initial condition of his teeth on the screen, as well as each stage in which the teeth will be until the final result. After scanning with an intraoral scanner, the image is sent to the dental laboratory so that the dental technician can immediately start working on the creation of a prosthetic replacement - a dental crown that will perfectly replace the visible part of the tooth.


The Balenović Clinic uses one of the best scanners in the world, the Trios 3 scanner from the company 3Shape, which ensures perfect precision of prosthetic works.

Digitization of this step - taking impressions makes it easier to achieve the high aesthetic and functional requirements of every dental case. The scanner of the latest generation also requires special education and training that all team members who work with the intraoral scanner in the office undergo.


Dental implant installation procedure

Installing dental implants is a simple and safe procedure that lasts a short time and consists of a few steps. During the entire procedure, each patient has a dentist at his/her disposal who is there to answer all questions.

  1. The first step is the installation of the titanium screw. It takes about 15 minutes to install one implant. The installation procedure is painless and is performed under local anesthesia. A micro incision is made at the insertion site to reach the bone, and the screw is inserted into the bone.
  2. Between the dental implant and the dental crown, which becomes a replacement for the visible part of the tooth, a bonding material is placed that will connect them into a solid unit.
  3. After the installation of dental implants, the healing process begins, in which the dental implant will grow with the bone and become a real replacement for the root of the tooth. This step lasts about 3 months and only after that the dental crown is placed.
  4. The dental crown is the final step of the dental implant installation procedure. First, a temporary crown is placed in preparation for the permanent crown. Patients can participate in choosing the color that will be the most natural, and by carefully choosing the size, shape and color, the crown becomes a completely natural replacement for a real tooth.
installation of a dental implant

Recovery after the procedure

After the procedure, the patient receives anti-inflammatory and pain medication and returns to his regular activities immediately. Dental hygiene is especially important after implant placement, as well as regular check-ups and professional teeth cleaning. The prerequisite for the longevity of new teeth is proper and regular care for teeth and health in general.

installed dental implant

the results

The Balenović office is made up of a team of experts who specialize in all dental services and have a professional and individual approach to each patient. The focus of the activity is the satisfaction of patients and the creation of beautiful and healthy smiles using the latest technologies and approaches to the treatment of dental diseases, using the best materials and techniques to solve tooth defects in a pleasant atmosphere with professional support during each step of therapy.

Nobel implants recognition

Why choose the Balenović Ordinance team?

The reason to choose the team of Ordinacija Balenović is the promise they offer to patients, which is satisfaction with the service. Thanks to the guarantee of quality, the durability of the solution to every dental problem, the individual approach and the painlessness of the procedure itself, patients entrust themselves to the office’s team with confidence.

The Balenović clinic opened its doors to patients in 1969. year and since 2014. every year, the declared doctor from the practice receives the title of Doctor of the Year as chosen by the patients.


Nino Balenović

Graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Zagreb in 1993. Mr. After that, he continued the dental family tradition of more than 45 years. Since graduating from college, he has been continuously educated in the country and abroad at numerous advanced prosthetic implantology courses and congresses. A narrower area of interest and practical work is prosthetics, implantology and aesthetic dentistry.

the team of the Balenovic flip dental office

Marija Sabljic

Dr. Marija Sabljić completed a postgraduate specialist study in dental implantology and is part of the team that solves all the concerns of patients about missing teeth.

Frequently asked questions

For many years, the only available solutions for tooth loss were bridges and dentures, while today dental implants appear as a solution. Long-lasting and natural-looking, implants have become the most modern method of replacing tooth loss.

Does the installation of dental implants hurt?

Installing dental implants does not hurt. The operation is performed under local anesthesia and the procedure itself is painless. If necessary, painkillers can be taken after the procedure.

How long can dental implants last?

Dental implants represent a permanent solution for tooth replacement. With adequate dental hygiene, regular check-ups and professional teeth cleaning can last a lifetime.

What is the difference between a dental implant and a dental crown?

A dental implant is a titanium screw that acts as the root of the tooth and as a support on which the dental crown is built, which is a replacement for the visible part of the tooth. The dental crown completely replaces the visible part of the tooth, and by carefully choosing the shape, size and color, it can fit perfectly with the adjacent teeth and look completely natural.

ALL-ON-4 and ALL-ON-6

The method of installing dental implants ALL-ON-4 or ALL-ON-6 is a procedure that solves the problem of complete lack of teeth by installing artificial teeth on 4 or 6 dental implants that serve as “holders” for dental crowns. This method can be applied to the upper, lower or both jaws where the patient has no teeth.

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How to get a perfect smile?

Each person's dental problems are different and require special care. To achieve a beautiful smile, it is necessary to find the problem you have in order to solve it with the right methods.

Fill out our short questionnaire and tell our experts what problems you have, and we will send you a proposal that can solve them.