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Invisalign - Stomatološka ordinacija Balenović


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Invisalign is an extremely popular orthodontic technique created in the USA more than 20 years ago. It owes its great popularity to the fact that it successfully straightens teeth using a set of invisible, i.e. with transparent splints that are changed every 7 to 10 days, it is comfortable to wear and easy because it can be taken off at any time.

Are you a candidate for Invisalign?

If you are dissatisfied with the appearance of your teeth that are not in the correct order, and you have problems with your bite, you want a successful, simple and mobile solution to your orthodontic problems, Invisalign is for you. At the Jelić Dental Clinic, you will receive an ideal individual therapy plan. There are no age restrictions for Invisalign and it is equally successful in patients of all ages who have completed the process of tooth growth and development.

How to prepare for Invisalign orthodontic therapy?

Invisalign is an orthodontic technique that does not require special preparations. It is always recommended to correct any dental problems before starting therapy. Just wearing the splint requires almost no adaptation or special precautions before, during and after therapy.

Invisiligne appliance

What does orthodontic therapy with Invisalign look like?

Invisalign orthodontic therapy is based on digital technology. The first step is a tooth scan, after which 3D digital models are made and the specialist orthodontist prepares a digital therapy plan, decides on the method and direction of tooth movement to the ideal position. Based on the selected therapy plan, personalized splints are made that are worn for an average of 10 days, after which the next set is placed. Each splint moves the teeth more than the previous one and the goal is to prepare the teeth for the next set of splints by applying pressure. Moving the teeth with each set of splints leads to a perfect smile and a proper set of teeth after the therapy is finished.

What after Invisalign orthodontic therapy?

After completing each type of orthodontic therapy, as well as after Invisalign therapy, it is important to continue to follow the dentist’s recommendations and wear the retainer while sleeping.

For each patient, a personalized retainer is made according to the impression of the teeth and during sleep it ensures that the straightened teeth and bite are kept in the desired position.

beautiful teeth

the results

The Balenović & Jelić office is made up of a team of experts who specialize in all dental services and have a professional and individual approach to each patient. The focus of the activity is the satisfaction of patients and the creation of beautiful and healthy smiles using the latest technologies and approaches to the treatment of dental diseases, using the best materials and techniques to solve tooth defects in a pleasant atmosphere with professional support during each step of therapy.

Mr. sc. Mateja Jelić

Graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Zagreb in 1997. year, and in 2002 in 2005, he became a master of biomedical science. takes a specialist exam in orthodontics. She completed many international orthodontic courses in recognized orthodontic institutions in the USA and Europe. He is a certified orthodontist for Invisalign, Orthocaps and the Damon system. He solves every problem with irregular teeth and bite for his patients.

the team of the Balenovic flip dental office

Why choose the Balenović & Jelić Ordinance team?

The reason to choose the team of Ordinacija Balenović & Jelić is the promise they offer to patients, which is satisfaction with the service. Thanks to the guarantee of quality, the durability of the solution to every dental problem, the individual approach and the painlessness of the procedure itself, patients entrust themselves to the office’s team with confidence.

The Balenović clinic opened its doors to patients in 1969. year and since 2014. every year, the declared doctor from the practice receives the title of Doctor of the Year as chosen by the patients.


Frequently asked questions

Modern dentistry has made it possible to correct any lack of teeth and problems with oral health.

How to know if Invisalign is for every patient?

At the Jelić practice, patients are given a recommendation as to which orthodontic therapy would be ideal for them, considering the condition of their teeth, bite and expectations. For some cases, Invisalign is ideal, and for some severe, more complex anomalies, the only solution may be fixed orthodontic therapy. If you are not sure which therapy would be best for you, arrange your first examination and consultation at the Jelić Clinic.

How long does Invisalign orthodontic therapy last?

The duration of Invisalign orthodontic therapy is individual because it depends on the initial condition of each patient’s teeth and the goal they want to achieve. Depending on the degree of the anomaly that needs to be corrected, the orthodontist evaluates the total number of splints and the duration of therapy.

Is there a difference between therapy with fixed braces and Invisalign?

The results of patients who complete orthodontic treatment with fixed braces and Invisalign are equally successful.

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How to get a perfect smile?

Each person's dental problems are different and require special care. To achieve a beautiful smile, it is necessary to find the problem you have in order to solve it with the right methods.

Fill out our short questionnaire and tell our experts what problems you have, and we will send you a proposal that can solve them.