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Am I a candidate for dental implants? - Stomatološka ordinacija Balenović

When we talk about dental implants, nowadays there are no absolute contraindications for the installation of implants. Such information does not exclude the existence of certain conditions that limit us or delay the installation of implants for some time.
A dental implant is a titanium replacement that completely replaces a lost tooth with its superstructure (superstructure and crown). As a result of the above, patients psychologically accept dental implants very well, they feel them completely the same as their own teeth.

What conditions and diseases can be a limiting factor for implant placement?

Uncontrolled diabetes, blood pressure, various forms of heart disease, patients who are wanted in the head and neck area, patients taking certain medications for osteoporosis, various autoimmune diseases, etc.
You were probably scared by the list of these numerous conditions, but it is important to note that these conditions and diseases are limiting factors if it is an uncontrolled disease or the patients are currently on a certain therapy. Likewise, after consultation with your dentist and an internist or oncologist (in the case of head and neck radiotherapy), you should jointly consider whether under what conditions and when (probably with a delayed time) implant therapy can be carried out.
Here we come to the topic of communication with the dentist and a good dental history. It is important to mention to the dentist all the medicines we take and all the conditions and diseases we have (no matter how insignificant they may seem to us).

Is old age a contraindication for implant placement?

It’s not. There is no upper age limit for implant placement if the patient is in a satisfactory state of health and feels ready for such a procedure.
We would like to note, however, that there is a lower age limit for the installation of implants, this does not necessarily represent adulthood, but completed growth, which we control with an x-ray of the hand.

Do I need to take a CBCT scan for every implant installation?

In most cases, yes. CBCT is the gold standard for implant placement, and when planning the implant placement, we take a three-dimensional image of the jaw so that the placement of the implant is perfectly precise and as sparing as possible for the surrounding structures.

What if I don’t have enough bone to place the implant?

If, after the CBCT scan, the dentist determines that you do not have enough bone to install an implant, you will jointly consider the potential possibilities of bone augmentation or, if that is not possible, some other prosthetic solutions.

Is there a lifetime warranty on implants?

There is not. Not because some procedure was not performed according to the rules of the profession, but because of the biological medium in which the implant is located. The human body is subject to changes that inevitably occur in the oral cavity as well, with regular controls and proper hygiene, it is possible to keep the implant in the mouth for years.
After everything we have tried to explain to you, we would like to mention that before any procedure, the most important thing is patient-dentist communication in order to solve the patient’s problems in the best possible way.

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